A downloadable Falcon Meteor for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It's inspired on Spacex, Elon Musk and the Falcon Heavy. In others words, I just thought of that car with an astronaut on space. What if it went through a meteor strike? Well, I guess it is extremely HOT to get hit by a meteor. So that's what I've made to this Godot Jam 2018 (the theme was temperature). Have fun!

The game is still in development. 

The sounds are free assets placeholders a new soundtrack made by Scowsh will be on the next build! I've made sprites and code, but I am looking for a programmer to continue this project.

Install instructions

1 - Download .zip folder

2 - Extract files

3 - Run .exe (the file with Godot symbol)

4 - Enjoy it!


Falcon-win.zip 93 MB
Falcon-linux.zip 96 MB
Falcon-mac.zip 106 MB


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Thanks for coming to my show!

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